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Who We Are:

EarthForceGreen is a non-profit organization that is focused on the preservation of open lands, undeveloped natural habitats and critical ecosystems and the general principles set out in the Earth Charter . EFG is dedicated to furthering the education, awareness and interests in alternative solutions to community problems. This includes efforts that place a higher value on natural resources that are consumed, waste that is generated, non-tangible factors normally ignored in economic decisions.

EarthForceGreen is not associated with Earth Force or their GREEN program. You can find further information at Earth Force

Suburban Sprawl: I currently live in the Chicago suburbs. I have come to hate it due to the endless shopping centers, malls, fast food stores and traffic jams. No matter where you go, you sit in traffic, sometimes miles of it. And this is on the secondary roads not the highways into and out of chicago. And every piece of natural land is being bought up by developers to build more homes or stores. Wetlands are filled in, forrests cut, farmland buldozed under for more buildings.   
And just today, July 23, 2007, the local paper wrote about how great a deal the village made by attracting a large autodealer and motorcycle dealer to expand and develop more "wasted" land.  Of course while they say in one breath this will bring in "MONEY", they also admit they gave up the same money in "INCENTIVES".  So what we will have is more traffic, pollution, heat, crime, noise with no benefit unless you are buying a car every week.

Global Warming It gets so hot now in the suburbs. There are so many cars and roads and parking lots generating heat that it takes and hour to get away from it and that is from 35 miles outside of the city!